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Hole size given the leak rate

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    Hey everyone!Here's my first post in the forum!You probably usually discuss more substantial issues, but I'm having troubles and I'm sure you can help me!I'm trying to calculate the size of an ideal circular hole in a vacuum vessel given the measured leak rate in mbar l/s (helium spray leak test if anyone is familiar). I found a lot of documents online correlating "hole diameters" to the rates but I just found formulas which were unclear to me! Thank you in advance!!
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    Hello and welcome to PF!

    This thread about introducing new members is just this: an opportunity to say something about you and your background.
    For the technical questions we have separate threads which are far better suited, for they address the right persons for your questions.
    I'll move it therefore and perhaps you could tell us, what about or which formula you don't understand, since otherwise there will be a high probability, that you get merely another instance of "I found a lot of documents online correlating "hole diameters" to the rates ".
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