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Holes in Eureka show

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    I only watched the first season so do not spoil it.

    First hole is jumping the shark. He uses Stargate warpgate to go back through time. Where is Captain Kirk and Samantha Carter in all this? I am waiting for Teal'c to come out of the wormhole to shoot his plasma staff. I can't remember if these were actual "stargates" or warpholes or just some kind of dimensional hole that messed with time. Anyway, it's very flebotinum-y.

    Second is how does the clone of his wife not know she is a clone? How could she think she is a regular person if she has no memories of her childhood? I guess she blames it on menopausal mental fog, either that or she is just too unconscious to actually take the time to ponder her past.

    Third hole is the death ray episode. It supposedly uses a mirror on the moon but this mirror would have to be extremely large, much larger than the one supposedly on the moon right now. Due to diffuse scattering only a small percent of the energy would hit the mirror. Second the mirror on the moon is not a flat mirror, but a scattering mirror, so the energy would be dispersed and could not be weaponised because you can't control the angle of incidence based on the direction of the moon. Weaponised beams use satellite mirrors, not the tiny moon mirrors!

    The speed drug. How on earth could a drug make you run 500 miles per hour? Human muscles are not capable of it. And the brain cannot make chemical runs in time for you to make conscious decisions at that speed! So that episode is a load of crap.

    And how did they save people from the house using a paintball gun?? Why would shoot on sight turrets not have thermal recognition systems??? I guess maybe he had a subconscious desire to put in a failsafe and not make the security systems too powerful, incase things went wrong.

    This isnt exactly a hole, but what were they thinking with the chimp ray? Sending frequencies to make you insane is not a legitmate battle tactic. How do you know that it will make them kill each other and fight on your side? Its not a chemical contraption, its just weak hypnotic frequencies. Without the conscious suggestions present in hypnosis, it's a crap shoot. You cannot subliminally tell someone to kill their friends and expect it to work! Well, the episode did recover this at the end, and showed the weapon did not actually make them kill each other, so its not technically a hole.

    Death of the asian girl. This episode was litterally the hole-ist. First of all, how did Bossman Nathan not get blasted? Did he exit the room at the last second and was shielded by the concrete? At that temperature, even if the concrete stopped the blast, the heat wave would kill him. I guess they have high powered DOOM StarWars doors that open in close in 1/2 second, even though in other doors that had slow moving doors.
    Then he does some kind of mental time travel, using the Stargate flebotinum machine in the first episode. This causes parallel timelines to intersect, and chaos to ensue...Thats all well and good...But then in order to fix it, Sheriff goes back in time and ALTERS THE TIMELINE AGAIN!!! How does altering the timeline again, fix anything? Now their are 3 competing timelines, and 2 people with memories that shouldn't be there!!! Heh, I guess you can't argue with Startrek logic.
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    Almost nothing makes sense on that show. People watched it because they liked the characters.
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    Halfway into the second season and it's getting a bit repetitive. Every episode follows the same exact formula...some mysterious freak accident happens - talk to scientists - find out the cause - solve it - ad nauseum. Its becoming mundane. I could see how this would be interesting on a weekly basis, at family get togethers after a long day, but this cannot be chain-watched.
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    Well the second season is getting interesting again, but in a dumb way. Spoiler if you want to find out
    Henry's decsion was litterally the worst decision I have ever seen in a TV show. This show really doesnt make sense. Why would Henry do that? Couldn't he have just called Nathan and said "Hey, try the teleporter?" Why did he help her escape if he was going to betray her at the end? It served no purpose. Unless it was all a fale flag to cover up something Henry really did, which the show idn't tell us.

    Who do you guys think is the hottest guy on the show? Here are list of all the viable male specimens:
    Sheriff, Nathan, Taggart, the Hacker guy, Henry, Fargo, Hannah's boyfriends (bf1, emoboy, bf2, flash 500 mph, bf3, queermo, bf4, curly)

    I honestly think Nathan is the hottest guy and it's not because of his wealth/status. In the first season he was cockblocked and the audience was supposed to not feel sorry for him. But after a while we can see that he is suffering (especially with the anger readouts) and that episode where he finally tells his wife that he cant take it anymore and just wants to be with his family made me crack. i litterally was about to cry. I think Nathan is the most loveable character in the show, but the sheriff is just fun to watch because of how down to earth he is
    Also, I think the Hacker is abit of a Mary Sue. I think he can have any woman he wants. I think Fargo needs some love, I think the deputy has a subconscious attraction to him.
    I feel like Eureka is a soap opera for smart people, like Star Trek, except more soap opera ish.
    I think all of the girls in Eureka are hot, but I think I would like to see Allison naked the most. She is so sultry, she looks like a hot tranny porn star babe.
    And the cleaning lady, Sheriff's girlfriend, is super hot. I don't know why he doesnt appear more excited at her. I think that memory wiping device was like castration for him.

    So, I am on the third season now.
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