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Hollow earth hypothesis

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    There's an oddity I found on the net. To begin with, I am a skeptic to ufos being extraterestrials, but still am interested in understanding this phenomenom, whatever it is.

    I have read about the "hollow earth" hypothesis, which I took as being as ridiculous as the flat earth belief, eventhough it was believed by Columbus and Halley . I have read about
    both South and North Poles expeditions, some claiming such areas being entrances within the earth's inner world; about Admiral Byrd's secret diary. I enjoyed reading such stories
    as science fiction and nothing else.

    One day, while I was searching for world maps on the internet, I stumbled upon Google Earth. I downloaded the free version and was extremely impressed with the satelite shots. After zooming on Paris,France, I actually could see cars on the streets.

    One boring night,I started using Google earth to zoom focus some sites associated with fictional, mythical settings such as the Pyramids, and the sea bed floor within the area some claim Antlantis might be located...looking for some abnormalities or maybe signs of human hands.I believe I saw some interesting landmaks however, the imagination was maybe leading me to see things that aren't dimentionally correct...just in order to, well believe in the mythical side of Life. I was starting to feel like a child again, one who still believes in such things as Santa Claus.

    The Alan Parson's song popped into my head...."I am the eye in the sky, .........I am the maker of rules....... This made me think of the conspiracy theories....Freemasonry and the likes of the Illuminaties. The eye in the sky....satellites? within a triangle... meaning perhaps the process of triangulation?? Har har, however the symbol was much too old to even support the thought.One thing struck me though. The pyramid's view seemed to come directly from above, as if the satelite was directly above it,unlike the buildings I saw in other places such Paris. Google earth, I then thought, could actually mean "go ogle earth"...ogle being the term I heard used many times for the eye within the triangle....I was starting to enjoy myself in all of this.

    I said, let's take a look at the supposed hole in North Pole. And there it was....very impressive indeed. Although, true, this phenomenom certainly must be associated with the earth's magnetic field,however, the thought was proposed very long ago. Columbus thought the ocean water entered into the North Pole in order to exit the south...it does matches somewhat the Oceans currents. The image certainly seemed as if the ocean was indeed whirling in the earth itself.

    Next, the South Pole. The sight was even more impressive. Inside the continent Antartica, there is an image of what seems to be a sphere, having colour close to something like another smaller earth. Again, this phenomenom is associated with the magnetic field since the same blurry image exist like that of the North Pole.

    Now, what about the night sky? Nasa sent some signals (beatle's song Accross the Universe) to Polaris. I switched to the night sky setting and looked in the region of Polaris. Here is something I don't quite understand...the same phenomenom seen in the North Pole and South Pole exists....but why? The earth's magnetic field should not affect the view of Polaris. I then turn to Octantis, the South Pole Star....same phenomenom again.

    Turning back to Polaris, I zoomed all the much I can, and that particular blurry spherical region came into view as something quite different than that from a constellation of stars.... The stars seemed more like lights; the edge of the sphere when highly magnefied, looked very much like a metallic perimeter.

    I'm writing this simply to have another perspective, and maybe some answers. I would like it if someone else would take a look and get back to me.
    Thank you for letting share this with you
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    Let me see if I've got this right.

    You're looking at Google Earth - which, on a small scale, is pieced together from millions of individual photos at different times, altitudes, with widely varying equipment, but on a large scale is assembled in large swaths like the creases on a pumpkin - i.e. converging on the poles - and you're seeing patterns that you're attributing to real artifacts on the Earth and in the sky?

    Does it look anything like this?

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    I would say close to it;

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    Well I checked the globe on my shelf and it has holes at the top and bottom and even has an axle through it that the globe turns on - so that proves it.
    Also somewhere in the pacific is a large copyright notice and scale somehow written on the ocean - has anyone found this?
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    I have Google Earth and I just checked: there is no hole shown at either pole, just an area of pretty low resolution due to poor satellite coverage and a radial pattern due to stitching of photos via the method Dave showed.

    You have an active imagination (if you are serious - it is tough to believe you are), but there is no science content here and nothing to debunk. Thread locked.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thanks Russ. Note also that all hollow earth discussions are expressly forbidden in the S&D posting guidelines.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    According to mine, the entire world was made in China!
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