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Hollow rectangular Beam - rigidity and max torque

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    Revision that is turning into a learning from scratch session. Some help would be welcome!

    - I have a hollow rectangular beam. 0.150m by 0.110m with uniform thickness walls at 0.003m. It is 3m long.
    - It has a modulus of rigidity (G) of 27 GigaPascals.
    - It has a max permitted shear stress of 200 MegaPascals.

    What is the torsional rigidity?
    What is max permitted torque (with a safety margin of 2.0)?
    What would be the twist angle for the 3m length?

    Torsional rigidity = G x second area of inertia. I have G so need 1xx.
    1xx =
    Each side at ((0.003x0.110^3)/12) = 3.33 E-07
    Top & base each at (using parallel axis theory) ((0.003 x 0.144^3)/12) + (0.003 x 0.144 x 0.062^2) = 2.41 E-06
    Add 4 sides = 5.48 E-06

    Torsional rigidity = 27 E09 x 5.48 E-06 = 148,000 (units???)

    Is this right and what are the units?

    As for the other 2 parts – I am lost. Any pointers?
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