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Hollowed cylinder grounded

  1. Feb 24, 2008 #1
    Suppose have a negative charged conductor ice pail over an isolated support. If a touch of dip or elsewhere inside, does pail lose charges?
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    I can not understand. Thirty member reading but zero comment. My fundamental question is waiting few days. I know my English is not enough to explain well. But come on, so incomprehensible? My question is not a joke or only curiosity. If you know someting about this, please share with me. Let's discuss.

    In fact this may learn by doing this experiment but neither have devices nor explain myself. I will try to explain my question for last time. This is the figure:


    K and Z conductor. qk=-3q and qz=+2q. What happens after switch closed. What is the final type of charge over K and Z. I don't ask amounts, + or - for both and how.

    I do not want to belive this is a not understandable or a hard question.

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