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Holographic display technology

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    Hello everybody, I am Chinese. Was pleased to find this site.
    As an Avatar, 3D is very popular in our country
    So I want to know, whether in foreign holographic display technology has matured
    Have no business case?
    I want to know the specific holographic imaging naked eye.
    Geographical reasons of language, I can not always on to this forum, but I will come back to see everyone's message, I have MSN, looking holographic, 3D expert in this field and I can share, exchange.
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    I have deleted your email address to prevent spam bots.

    You should never offer your own e-mail address or ask for others to contact you with theirs.

    This is a forum, any conversations should be posted here for all to see.
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    holograms can be stored in a solid they cannot be projected into empty space.

    most so called holographic projectors use a moving screen to create the illusion of projection - not very convincing to look at.
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    I disagree, Empty space does'nt exist, however as an avatar? I assume he means projected matter, is questionable. I have some concept of using existing matter, like an extremely high frequency of eddy current's to levitate aluminum and shape and move it. But this is only a flight of fancy and nothing more than a projection.
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