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Holographic Principle Research Paper Help Please

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    Hello, I am doing a research paper for a final and I chose the holographic principle as my topic. Does anyone have any good sources, or information pertaining to this? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

    P.S.- I have looked at some of the first links on google, and wikipedia
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    Of the top of my head, there are many terms used when refering to a a 2d surface.
    Check out the thread " We are in a Schwarzschild black hole--T or F? "
    Even papers talking about confinement use the 2d surface.
    I'm sure that others will give you more specific examples.
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    I don't know if I'm too late to add anything to help you with your research paper but I recommend Lee Smolin's "Three Roads to Quantum Gravity" as a good read. He goes into great detail about the holographic universe principle.

    Essentially he explains it by saying that each portion of space, measured by a square of something like 2 Planck lengths per side where each square acts like a screen on a TV. He says that this screen only shows what information that is passed through it and is remitted. But he also says that the screen can only show so much information at a time and that excess information that goes in is dispersed to other Planck squares. Its obviously a lot more complicated than that as he has almost two chapters on it. Hope I could be of help, good luck with your paper.
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    This couldbe a good reference:

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