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Holographic Theory Help

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    [broken link deleted by moderator]
    Does this proves the theory of the holographic universe?

    I saw video on youtube, a guy called "Stephen Davis" who says that is "fanatic about quantum physics", he created a model of the "holographic universe" which he says that everyone is a player, and every player has their own unique holographic universe (created by his own infinite I/consciousness), and this "Infinite I" projects the holograms into the people's brain, and all the universe is on the people's head (poly-solipcism)...and that there is no objective reality (he uses the delayed quantum erasure experiment as proof that objective reality does not exist..), and he says quantum physics, neuroscience and holographic theory supports his model..
    therefore, your Infinite I is creating everything you experience in your "holographic movie" as the Player..(as if we were are the sims)
    This "Infinite I" creates holograms individually to each person in the world, and it even creates "extra people" which he call "fake holograms" with no consciousness, these "extra people" are not real, and they appear only to fill some place, to seems more real, to your experience seem more real, that is, if you are on a show, the probability of 50% of people being "fake holograms", in his view, may be true. because he says the holographic theory says that. (to me It is pure solipcism)
    I'm already a little schizophrenic, and this video worsened my situation...

    I'm here just to ask some questions..
    is it true that the holographic theory says It is our brains that is receiving holograms?
    Is it true that quantum mechanics says that there is no "objective reality"? (quantum eraser,etc)

    look his references: [link to crackpot site deleted by moderator]
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