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Holographic universe and werewolves/shapeshifters.possible?

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    now i dont know the specifics of the theory. i obvioulsy need to read up on it again or get a book, but i did a little googling earlier to try and link the two,but came up a little short. still got some reading to go, but in the mean time.
    is it possible in a holographic universe, for people to shapeshift. become werewolves or bears or flys. can someone take the time to break it down for me. im sure there is a way. there is always some back door.

    thanks. no offense, but if you barely know anything about the theory or how you could apply it to this or specifically not. please dont post some stupid post followed by a smiley face, giving me no information for or against the topic.
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    I think you will find it very hard to get hold of anyone who believes in shapeshifting or werewolves these days (even on the internet). Are you thinking of ideas coming from any particular religion or belief system (eg. UFOs/Aliens)?

    I think you need to define "holographic universe". My guess is that in any universe, science can only shed increasing doubt on such ideas rather than provide a proof that they are impossible. Of course, some known animals change form, but usually this takes a long time (eg. butterfly-->catapilla). If aliens exist out there, perhaps it isn't quite so daft. Or if certain religions turned out to be correct, it would follow that there is a supernatural etc.

    I'm trying really hard to control myself... (No smiley). :biggrin: oops.
  4. Jan 1, 2006 #3
    Ghost Universe

    What is the make-up of space-time? :bugeye:
    Is it a substance unlike energy, that can not be
    changed, but, takes on the essence of energy?
    A mirror soul of spirit that retains the character
    of the changing movement of energy.
    I must call this substance --- memory.

    I prefer the term memory over hologram.
    Or -- memory/hologram -- that moves
    in time to give us a ghost which are alive.
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