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Holy books are UFO books

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    It could be that all the holy books are really words spoken by aliens that came to earth. This would explain all the wierd attraction to them. If someone remembers an old movie "planet of the apes" it described an ape civilization that was forbidden to learn too much about science since their previous civilization was destroyed by it. It could be that the aliens sent christ and others down to earth to inhibit our evolution or to control the human experiment gone wild.

    Does the bible and other "holy" books contain secret messages ? Have they ever passed them through computers or tried to decode other UFO messages within them ?

    It may be that we are simply brains in a vat and the God is the alien controlling the vat. It could be that we are a brain in a vat controlled by another brain in a vat controlled by a computer simulation, etc. An interesting case would be if :

    A is a brain in a vat controlled by B
    B is a brain in a vat controlled by A

    this control could be imagined as if the whole world was a giant keyboard and each action corresponds to some simulation to the other brain. Neither brain would be aware that they are controlling the other but each would be indirectly controlling the other. In this case there is no material substrate, matter does not exist but only information structures. Or maybe matter does exist or many levels of material substrates exist, but it would be completely irrelevant since the information is totally independant of the material substrate (pure spirit). There are many other variations on these possibilites like an alien just creates a box of energy a few million light years large and is able to create all possible combinations of matter-energy within the box, and is thus God from our point of view, since we are in the box. Or maybe there are many gods controlling each other in a heirarchy of many levels. Who is God's God ?

    Maybe the aliens who came to earth and dictated these books meant that we should not persue scientific knowledge past a certain point ("beginning of knowledge begins with the fear of god"), maybe jesus who accepts slaps means we should not ask for too much and want too much as far as manipulations of matter are concerned, maybe there is a philosophical message that has been deeply misunderstood by the religions in all these centuries.
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