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Holy Mundane

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    There is a human tendency to regard things as holy which is separate from religion or spirituality, though often associated. People have a tendency to in general value some objects or circumstances as special. Superstition involves holy objects + rationalization with a set of beliefs for their holy status. Holiness comes before religious or superstitious belief; belief rationalizes holiness. There is a special peace of mind that comes from regarding a holy object.
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    I would rather say we we have an innate capacity to be awed, but I get your meaning.
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    It doesn't need to go as far as awe. People don't live in awe of cemetaries, but I think most people regard them as holy on a deep level whether they're religious or not. I think a lot of people regard their cars as holy. Prayer beads and medicine bags--historically holy, but not awe-inspiring. All awe-inspiring things are holy though.
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