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Home made landing gear

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    I have made a pulse switch which sends a pulse of exactly one second to a relay 20metres away. I made it for a friend’s landing gear in his home made cockpit to interface with the g key on the keyboard. The reason for the pulse is because the keyboard can only bridge once for a second to prevent double key stroke. When i showed him how it works he was confused with the workings of the switch, being you only need to push and hold it once to send a single pulse to the relay and taking your finger off doesn’t send a secondary pulse. he told me there is no switch he knows of that does this. I only used 1 micro switch 4 capacitors 5 resistors and 4 diodes. Is there such a device that does this. i have done it but am not a tech, just good at figuring stuff out .if there isn’t a switch that does this i should share it. Can anyone tell me if there is a switch like this?
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