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Home Made LCD Cleaner?

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    I brought a small bottle of LCD cleaner & its amazing, leaves no streaks or anything behind. But i go through it like water & its a bit pricey.

    I generally read the 2 main ways are:

    Distilled water mixed with white Vinegar.


    Distilled water mixed with 70% Rubbing alcohol, some say 50% But i read rubbing alcohol has lubricants in it that will smudge the screen. So i prob should look for pure isopropyl alcohol.

    Any suggestions? Do you think the second method is ok? I'm pretty fussy with my LCD's.
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    Haha, I just use water ;)
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    Windex also works really well. (It's basically water + alcohol + ammonia.)
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    Windex has a little detergent in it. It will streak but is shouldn't be that noticeable for an LCD screen if the final step of cleaning involves a dry and clean microfiber cloth.
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