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Home-made nanomachines

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    Is it possible to create something nano (nanocircuits, nanomachines, etc) at home? Why or why not? Examples?
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    You DO know, of course, that you cannot see with your eyes something that is of a nano-scale size, don't you? Now unless you have an electron microscope handy in your home, how are you to create such things and know you have created them when you can't see it?

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    :smile: No it is not, because they are too small

    The only thing you can do is simulate their behaviour on pc's. as a matter of fact, this way of working is becoming more important because simulations avoid scientists from having to build such objects at each processing step...Well, i am being a bit naive here, but nevertheless it is close to the general truth

    http://www.imec.be/ovinter/static_research/research.shtml [Broken]

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    Sure, my cells do it all the time.
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    Where can I find a nano-simulator?
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    what exactly do you mean by nano simulator ?

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    I guess I can suggest you how to produce a nano shaker. Get a drop of water and put it on a solid marble bench of you kitchen. Now start singing somewhat near the drop one note, near 440 Hz. It is done. By adjusting your distance to the drop you can manage to put the drop to vibrate with nano scale amplitudes.

    Not expecting to be taken seriously,

    Sincerely yours

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    There are functions that can be used to manipulate 'unseen'<> 'somethings'.

    Here for instance:http://www.npl.co.uk/materials/functional/definitions.html

    you can learn about definations of what can be real.

    You need structures, nano-anythings are real things, manipulated into forming repeating 'uncomplex' structure's.

    I do not envisige a nano 'F.A.CUP' be played out with a football made of this:


    But who knows :biggrin:
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    i don't know if previous posters are aware of this, but solvent-based systems are used to make nanoparticles as well...these are your typicalchemistry type of setup, where temperature, reaction time, and solvation are carefully controlled. not a big deal, and definately doable in someone's garage.

    visualizing them, however, yes you would need something like an SEM or ideally an AFM. SEMs these days are cheap - i saw one on ebay once for $3,000.
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