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Home-made teeth whitening

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    Since those white strips are so expensive, I wanted to try to make my own. My plan was to get one of those trays that fit in your mouth and you can fill with various substances to whiten teeth. But instead of buying the stuff that goes in there, I would just use my own hydrogen peroxide paste made with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I'd just mix them together so that the peroxide stays on my teeth. Does anyone know if that would work? Or if one of those substances either individually or combined would do something bad to my teeth? Or does anyone have any alternate recipes?
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    The wikipedia article about this seems pretty good. Have you read it?


    It includes a section on the risks, which you should definitely consider. It also mentions that you can increase the effectiveness of the method you are considering by having your dentist make a custom-fitting tray for you. I don't know if the cost of this would eliminate the cost savings of buying the commercial strips.
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    I'd be very, very cautious about this. It sounds like a bad idea. Gums are sensitive, chemical burns would hurt like heck.

    The risks listed in the article berkeman posted can be severe, too.

    Besides, I see people everywhere with fake-looking, overly whitened teeth. It looks ridiculous.


    (A 1990s flashback there...here's how you want to look → :biggrin: )
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    I've been cautioned by my dentist not to use over the counter whitening products. He's a good family friend so I trust him. I'd only get it professionally done.
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    Yes, the problem is that tooth enamel can be irreparably damaged, causing many problems.

    The whole "white teeth' thing is a marketing scam pushed on the populace, which, unfortunately, has been accepted as the new norm. Normal teeth are no longer acceptable, only artificially whitened teeth are acceptable.

    Who was it that said "Stop the world, I want to get off."?
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    That was Sammy Davis Jr. I went to see a play with him in it with that title when I was a kid!


    Edit: BTW, look at those choppers of his!:biggrin:
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    I just did and it looks like it has some good information. I heard about strawberries being able to whiten teeth. That seemed a little counterintuitive to me, since I thought it might redden my teeth if anything.
    Guess I'll start eating more strawberries and apples.
    The risks don't bother me except for the tooth enamel damage, which is kinda vague. The enamel is damaged in what way? And is it permanent damage?

    I've used teeth whitening strips before. I've gotten the sensitive teeth effect, but it's not bad, and it doesn't last long. The hydrogen peroxide they use on those strips seems pretty strong. Sometimes if my finger touches it, my finger will turn white where the substance touched, but it doesn't hurt and it goes away. But those strips work really well. I haven't noticed any problems with my teeth after using them, and the whiteness stays for quite a while afterwards. Seemed like almost a year or more.

    And I agree, the super white teeth look strange, but the whiteness you get from the strips is just enough to give you a really nice smile. I think it's really attractive for women to have teeth that stand out when they smile. If you smile and your teeth just kinda blend in with your face, it's not a good look to me.
    Did he give you any reasons? Or was his reason that he wanted you to purchase his whitening procedure?
    In what ways can it be irreparably damaged? That's the kinda thing that concerns me. If I were to use the method that I thought of, I probably wouldn't keep it on over night, just in case.

    I'd hope it's not societal pressure that makes me attracted to women who have white teeth, because it's a strong effect. If a woman is pretty, and she has teeth that aren't very white, it kinda detracts from her good looks. Even if I see a guy with white teeth, and he's fairly good looking, those white teeth are like the icing on the cake. As a straight male, I can even appreciate white teeth adding to the good looks of men as well. I think there's a reason white teeth are more attractive than off-white teeth, and I don't think that reason is societal pressure.
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    One other important consideration is how well consumers follow the application recommendations and instructions when using whitening strips. If applied incorrectly or pushed into the gums, extreme sensitivity and soreness may result. Using the strips too often and for too long also can damage tooth enamel and lead to underlying tissue damage below the gums.
    Some dentists report that individuals can overuse whitening products because they like the results so much and keep applying layer after layer hoping for whiter and whiter teeth. When used in excess, however, teeth can become porous and enamel can break down.


    Tooth enamel damage is permanent, your dentist will have to cover/protect the teeth if the damage causes you problems.
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    I admit I also used teeth whitening strips before but my teeth have gotten sensitive so I decided to consult a dentist. He restored my teeth’s natural color (actually, I think it's even shades whiter now). He also treated my extreme sensitivity and gum soreness. My advice, do not self-medicate; always ask your doctor about it.
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    Actually, it was Anthony Newley. Sammy Davis Jr. (and many others) have sung his songs but HE wrote them.
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    Baking soda is good, but you know that hydrogen peroxide adversely affects the body.
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    As a dentist, this thread makes me cringe. Please, don't use hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. It will cause dysplastic tissue changes. Probably 99% of what you read online about tooth whitening is bs. There are no secrets. Best whitening is going to be done with a custom made tray, by a dentist, using a basic (as in acidity) whitening product. Most in-office products are acidic (aka bad for enamel). Whitening strips over the counter will work but they aren't that effective. And I'm an oral surgeon too so I have nothing to gain financially by telling you this.
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