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Home Network with File Sharing

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    I have two computers connected to the internet through a linksys router. It's a wireless router, but both computers are physically connected to the router using ethernet cables. Both computers running Windows XP, one is a laptop, one is a desktop.

    I want to be able to share files and printers between the two computers i.e. set up a small home network.

    I ran the Network Setup Wizard on both computers. Both belong to the same workgroup. Both have a folder (Shared Documents) for which sharing is enabled. I've tried putting files in one computer's shared documents folder to see if it appeared in the other (it didn't). I also tried accessing one computer from another by typing:


    It says the path is not found. What should I do?
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    Do you have a firewall? Norton's interferes with my office network...
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    In windows, in the properties for your active network connection, in the firewall settings make sure you have an exception set for file and printer sharing.
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    First, you need to make sure two of your computers are in the same workgroup, you can check this by Right Clicking the My Computers and go to Properties.

    Second, go to your LAN connection configuration, and make sure NetBIOS file transfer protocol is installed as one of the protocols for the computer.

    Last, type in \\<computer name> to access the shared folder.

    Better yet, if all of those are successful, you can map a network drive in one of the explorer's menus and make a driver-letter directly mapped to the shared folder.

    Good luck, it shouldn't be difficult.
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    YUP...I actually fixed it last night by turning off Norton's Personal Firewall. These are my uncle's computers, so I wasn't too familiar with them. Thanks for the advice (everyone)
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