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Home work problem, need assistance pls

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    You are sitting in a life boat at rest on a calm se, with your eye 1m above the water. A rescue ship is moving directly toward you at a constant speed of 5m/s. If the tallest point on the ship is 12m above the water, how long will the ship take to reach you from the moment when you can first see its flag above the horizon. The earth's radius is at sea level 6.38x10^3km. Express anwer in the most common measure of time( ie use days, weeks, hours, second)
    Thank you
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    Hi, bukky. Welcome to PF. Please note the sticky just above this thread that says "Don't Post Your Homework Questions Here". There is a section for this.
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    Think of a point, traveling around some center of mass with a tangential velocity. You may want to research your mathematical definitions of tangential velocity and angular velocity (and tangential acceleration and centripedla acceleration; they're all important equations of motion that depend on speed and velocity like any other equation of motion, but a special feature of angular motion is that some of it's components are a function of the radius of any object with angular motion.
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