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News Homeland security spoof or not?

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    As the FatherLand/MotherLand/ApplePieLand industry gets weirder - I can't work out if this is a spoof or not!
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    looks legit
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    If it isn't a hoax is there a problem with it?

    Communities should do more to protect themselves in order to cut already overstretched police spending, as it cuts into our taxpayer dollars. Buy a gun.
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    :rofl: I love this guy, he as nuts as Ron Paul! :biggrin:

    I like how you just injected buy a gun into the conseration at random. HAHAha!
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    Looks like a hoax to me. [edit] Yep:

    Don't you people Google?
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    Yes, you pay taxes as well, or so I assume. Would you rather pay for overburdened police protection that may or may not be effective, or would you rather take charge and inspire your local community to protect one another and themselves? Many people actually believe the role of police is to protect, and that is not really the case. They are charged with investigating crimes victims report, finding those responsible, enorcing the law as needed, and ensuring the will of the courts are carried out. It is each individuals responsibility to ensure his or her safety. Instead of continuing to throw money at problems like Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama would if they are elected, would you rather cut spending and deal with problems in the long term?
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