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Homemade Capacitor

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    I have to make a homemade AM radio receiver for a physics course I'm doing, and I'm looking for any suggestions on the best way to make a homemade variable capacitor. I'm not expecting anyone to do my work for me of course, but any suggestions that anyone could offer would be appreciated.
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    Do you know values required?
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    I need to be able to receive two AM radio stations. I haven't figured out what values I need yet. I'm just looking for different suggestions about how to construct one.

    Edit: Maybe something around the 100 pf range.
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    You can make a reasonable parallel plate cap with one adjustable plate that is moved by a screw. But to get more than a couple of tens of pFs, may be tricky (unless you just make a big box).

    Easier still may be a (cylindrical or) coaxial cap (a rod inside a tube), with the position of the inside rod adjusted by means of a simple screw.
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    Here is an article on building air variable capacitors.

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