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Homemade electroscope help

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    I want to make a electroscope but tried googling it and none made my criteria. What I want is a homemade electroscope that will give me a measurement, please tell what I would need and possibly a how to. Thank you
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    Do you mean a digital measurement? You could use a video camera to measure the separation of the leaves and use that as a measurement.

    Do you mean a visual measurement? You could put a graduated scale (i.e. a ruler) behind the leafs) then view them from the side and see which gradations are hidden by the leaves.
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    OK but how do I convert that measurement into volts/ kilovolts?
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    Just like any analog instrument, you must run calibration tests. First apply a series of known voltages, and observe the displacement. Use that to plot a calibration curve that relates displacement to voltage.
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    Thank you, as you might have figured, I'm not very knowledgeableabout tthis stuff.
    Sorry about the mumbo jumbo my phone is acting weird
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