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Homemade Holography

  1. Jan 4, 2005 #1
    My two friends and I are thinking about creating our own hologram. We plan on getting a suitable laser first then buying the other accessories (directional mirrors, beamsplitters, diverging lenses, interference film, etc).

    I have a few questions about the laser. We are looking for a linearly polarized Helium-Neon laser with a single TEM-00 mode at either 5 mW or 7 mW (the latter would be preferable) that operates in the standard 632.8 nm (6328 Angstroms) wavelength.

    We found a decent $50 surplus laser tube (TB4U2 on the link below) that is within that range, and we plan on powering it with a standard AC adapter. http://www.mwklasers.com/henelasers.htm Will this particular configuration work or are we missing something?

    What is the difference between the laser tubes shown on that page compared to the laser heads? They seem very pricey, and from the description, don't seem different from the laser tubes.

    As for the hologram setup itself, where should the holographic film be placed in relation to the object so that most of the reflected light reaches the film? Should it be directly behind the object if the laser is in front (but at same angle as laser)?

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