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Homemade RPG

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    ok, I am in grade 10, i haven't even started physics class yet, i am working up the courage to go to a very good science teacher dr. charington but i am afraid of his reaction when he hears i am building an RPG, the CO2 cartridge full of black powder placed inside the rocket will add a sufficient amount of weight and he will be suspicious as to what will be inside the rocket aside from the engine. I was hoping i wouldnt have to go to him with help from you guys. I just need that basic forumlas such as, if it weighs 5 pounds and the rocket has a 40 kmph accelaration how high it will go or how fast it will accelarate to, I need these because my friend was unsuccessful in his RPG mission because he didn't take the physics into hand and completely overshot his target. Any ways, ive let my mouth run off, I just need the basic physic equations, (ones i will acctually be using) and don't worry about me not understanding it, I do quite well in school, I don't think ive ever recieved a mark below 95 in science and math and understand stuff almost instantly, anyways, help and all that jazz, you know the requests, i hope you can help.
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    wait, so you're building RPGs and shooting them at targets?
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    I'm 100% for free speech and academic exploration, but you are actually building something potentially very dangerous. I don't think you will get much help here.

    If you do want to learn about rocketry, join a sanctioned club, but there is no way they will condone explosive payloads either.

    lastly, open loop trajectory control without substantial r-d expenditures and process control is a major guessing game. Minor process changes can and will most likely have major effects.

    Sorry I can't help you out with this
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    We do not condone such a thing and will advice anyone against building, assisting, or participating in these types of "projects".

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