Homemade Solenoid

  1. Hi,

    First post, and this stuff is way above my head so i am hoping some one can help me.

    So what I am after, i am after building a solenoid to to open a valve, this valve is holding back around 3000psi compressed air. its from a pressure washer gun.
    and takes quiet abit of force to open it.

    I have 28swg enameled copper wire but limited knowledge on how to make this.
    The tube i have is pvc 10mm 1.2mm wall thickness and a piece of iron to fit inside.

    What i have no idea about is the following, i want to achieve maximum force available so i wish to know my best set up i,e winds length capacitor i have a lipo battery to that will fit into the enclosure its a 11.1v 25c 1500mah.

    Please any info would be appreciated.
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  3. First read the wikipedia articles on solenoid and solenoid valve.
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