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Homeopathic Dog Pain Medicine

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    (Source: https://www.amazon.com/Franks-Muscle-Relief-As-Seen/dp/B000FOX4QI)

    I saw this on TV a few years ago (back when I had cable). It's a homeopathic dog pain spray. Yes, that's right. It's a homeopathic spray for your dog.

    That means, that AT BEST, it provides comfort to the dog's owner by allowing them to falsely believe their dog isn't in pain anymore. You haven't done anything to help your dog with his or her discomfort, but you feel less guilty about it! This is a real thing... or used to be.

    So is this a case of "vicarious" placebo effect? What possible mechanism could make the dog feel better when it's ill-equipped to even understand the concept of medicine. Doesn't the placebo-effect rely, fundamentally, on having a vague understanding of the concept of healing?

    Oooooor... maybe this is finally the proof that homeopaths need that homeopathy works by a mechanism other than the placebo effect.

    As a side note, my great uncle died from an overdose of his homeopathic medicine... he forgot to take it!

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    Due to the extreme popularity of this thread, I think it should be made a sticky. Mods?
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    I always get a kick out of reading the "No side effects" on homeopathic remedies. In order to have a "side effect," something must first have an effect!

    Regarding the spray; it actually really pisses me off. People's pets won't be properly treated and will still be in pain.
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