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Homework Help: Homework buddy

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    Hello... My names Kyle...

    (in need of homework buddy or tutor on AIM or Email)

    I'm in 11th Grade and I'm taking A.P. Physics, and as of right now... Its more difficult than most of these college's work. I have a terrible teacher and I was wondering if someone would like to volunteer as a "tutor" on like AOL or through email. I would ask my questions on here... But usually I have no idea where to start from because it involves stuff we have already learned and i was havin sum other issues which made me miss somm days of school. And to recieve help here, you have to have at least tried the problem... I've been in this class about 9 weeks... we've gone through all the vectors n stuff, Normal forces, gravitational forces, frictional forces, centrifuge, centripetal motion, Work, Power, Springs, Force, Newtons laws among a few other things. My school doesn't offer help for A.P. because most teachers dont understand all the math, and the ones who do are coaches and have no time to give help.
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    Can help you sometimes through email........
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    Just because you at present is perhaps way behind the others in your understanding, this doesn't mean you can't catch up.

    Make a list of what you DO know, and what you need to understand better.

    Start teaching yourself from the point where you understand what is happening. Maths&Physics build upon earlier results, and if you don't understand these, there is no point of pushing further.
    This might well mean that you should start relearning stuff your school is past.
    4. Post problems you encounter underway at PF; either "conceptual" problems
    (where you're not quite sure what is meant), or exercises where you've made some headway, but are unable to finish your problems.

    Good luck.
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    Enjoy physics and be cool about it. Damn sure you'll make tremendous progress that way (time **never** was on the side of physics :wink:)
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    AP Physics C is physics with calculus (I'll assume that's what you're taking). It's troublesome if you haven't taken at least calculus I ahead of time or are currently taking it. I think to really understand the physics you will need to be learning multivariable/vector calculus at the same time, however. What you describe is a consequence of underpaying teachers: Many prospective teachers who would love to teach physics to kids work at places where they can actually live comfortably off of a salary or they just take jobs as professors in colleges. I don't think anyone here could tutor you 1-on-1 but we're more than happy to answer any question posted here. I really dislike seeing posts with 0 replies :)
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    thank you everyone, yes im taking AP physics C, and im only in gifted precal, and thats the highest math they allow for a junior at my school, and u can have the AP physics C as a junior and thats what I did. We dont have many conceptual questions, because those are easy to me. All of ours are application and almost all math. The teacher sucks at explaining things. If he could explain it better id love it, but hes so boring. He can draw very well so he does it all the time to help with the examples but a lot of the time he puts a lot of effort into the drawing, more so than teaching. I guess its his way of tryin to make it interesting.
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