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Homework due soon

  1. Mar 24, 2006 #1
    I've got homework due by 1:30 today, but I just don't want to get started on it. What is wrong with me? :confused:

    I just wanna slack off and sloth around the house even though I'm wide awake and perfectly able to do the homework.
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    well, look at it this way. There are only two options. You do it, or you don t do it. simple.
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    The easy way out is not to do it. Done.
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    I'm sure you are a marvelous student, telling from some of your posts and your sweeping grace upon physicsforums. Take a day off, why not? Listen to the Eagles, bake yourself a chocolate cake. Go mongoose hunting in the Amazon rainforest.
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    There are no mongeese in the Amazon rainforest.


    I recommend against shooting these furry animals. Instead, why don't you visit the zoo. You don't even have to leave the continent.
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    I'm flattered MK. I wouldn't really agree with you, but I will only because it lets me say that it takes one to know one. And that is some good advice too.

    oh well... I got it done. I just had to play guitar for a while. After a good musical exploration, I tend to have a greater motivation to do things. It's funny how that works sometimes, I'll procrastinate until the last moment, thinking that it's such a chore, but it's never as bad as I lead myself to believe.
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