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Homework Help: Homework help- centripetal force

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    If there is a car with a mass of 1200 kg and the radius of the curvature is 25m, and the speed is 43km/h, what is the acceleration?

    How do I find the acceleration

    At what speed would the centripetal force equal the force of gravity? ( I got 15.7 m/s but I'm not sure if this is right)
    If the car was going faster than the speed calculated above, what would happen to the car?

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    If the car is going at a constant speed on a round track with a given radius, the acceleration is

    [tex]a = \frac{V^2}{r}[/tex]

    v is instantaneous velocity (speed) and r is radius.

    I got the same velocity as you (15.66 m/s)
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