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Homework Help: Homework Help Finding FORCE

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    Water strikes the turbine blads of a generator, that its rebounding velocity is reversed in direction undiminished in magnitude. If the flow rate is 60.0kg/s and the water speed is 16.5 m/s, what is the average force on the blades?

    My question is do i need to find something else in order to find the force?

    I really need help i have a test in two days.....
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    Looks like an impulse momentum question....

    (mass)*(change in mass's velocity)=(Avg Foce)*(duration of time), Or

    (change in mass's velcotiy)*(mass)/(duration of time)=(Ave Force), Or

    (change in mass's velocity)*(Flow Rate)=(Ave Force) !!!!!!!

    I hope it helps
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