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Homework Help: Homework help needed

  1. Apr 27, 2005 #1
    i have some problems (37 actually) that i have tried vvery much to work on and have gotten nowhere

    just to give you an example, the first one is

    tanx cosx i have to simplify this

    the first thing i would do is make it

    cos cosx but after this im stumped. the other problems are along this same idea

    i do not think that i will get much acomplished doing this on a fourum so if anyone would be so kind as to help me, my AIM sn is AdamChess4.

    thank you and i would really apriciate any help you can give me.

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  3. Apr 27, 2005 #2

    [tex] tan(x)cos(x) [/tex] ?

    [tex] \frac{sin(x)}{cos(x)}cos(x) [/tex].. you cant seriously not know what to do next..
  4. May 2, 2005 #3
    well, i honestly dont, e are just learning this and i am having trouble finding LCDs and factoring these types of operations,
  5. May 2, 2005 #4


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    Ok. In that expression you have sin x/cos x, so you're dividing by cosine. Then you multiply by cosine. What happens?
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    i'd suggest you brush up on a little algebra before tackling any trig
  7. May 3, 2005 #6
    I can only imagine you are getting intimidated by the sin(x) and cos(x) functions. Try writing y = sin(x) and x = cos(x) then simplify. Hopefully going through this exercise will be helpful.
  8. May 4, 2005 #7

    [tex]\frac{sinx}{cosx} \times cosx[/tex]

    The two cosx gets crossed out.

    then you get sinx

    Maybe I am wrong.
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  9. May 4, 2005 #8


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    -- y

    = x
    theres a restriction that y cannot be 0 though, but in most cases its irrelevant



    you change this to multiplication
    x * x/y


    Hope this helps!
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