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Homework help please!

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    okay im sure this will be easy for many of you, this is a first year engineering course question. help appreciated its due tom orow:O

    * the two forces, f1 and f2 acting at a have a resultant force of fr = {100k} lb. Determine the magnitude and coordinate direction angles of the force f2 and indicate them on the figure.

    ill attach the problem picture

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    oh yeah. i forgot to mention i dont need the answer or any drawings i just need the forumla to go about it as in the the three different forces calulated with the sohcahtoa methd. im justa bit confused about the angles
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    I think you need a better picture, as you don't indicate the direction of Fr and are you sure about the 100,000 resultant force? F1 is only 60.
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    Your drawing is not clear. Could you but some labels on it as to the meaning of each vector. Also be sure that you are representing your angles correctly. I do not understand the angle you have labeled 30D.
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    the 30D is the angle given for a random line so that mens this line is making an angle of 30 degrees with the negative x axis and F1 is making an angle of 50 degrees with this line.. can u do it now please?
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