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Homework Help: Homework Help Please.

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    I don't know how to do this.

    A bucket of water of mass m_1 is suspended by a rope wrapped around a windlass, that is a solid cylinder with diameter d with mass m_2. The cylinder pivots on a frictionless axle through its center. The bucket is released from rest at the top of a well and falls a distance h to the water. You can ignore the weight of the rope.

    1. What is the tension in the rope while the bucket is falling?
    Take the free fall acceleration to be g.

    2. With what speed does the bucket strike the water?
    Take the free fall acceleration to be g.

    3. What is the time of fall?
    Take the free fall acceleration to be g.

    4. While the bucket is falling, what is the force exerted on the cylinder by the axle?
    Take the free fall acceleration to be g.
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    The cylinder has a moment of inertia of __________
    The center of mass of the cylinder does not move, so the total force acting on the cylinder is __________
    The cylinder does rotate with angular acceleration so there must be a _______________ that comes fom the ___________
    The bucket accelerates downward in response to the net force that is the combination of ____________ and ________
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