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Homework Help: Homework Help-please-

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    Homework Help--please--

    7.19 A ferris wheel with radius 14.0 m is turning about a horizontal axis through its center. The direction of rotation is clockwise, as viewed when facing the ferris wheel. The linear speed of a passenger on the rim is constant and equal to 7.60 m/s.
    (a) Calculate the magnitude of the passenger's acceleration as she passes through the lowest point in her circular motion.

    (b) In what direction is her acceleration at this point? (Consider +x to the right, +y upward--as viewed when facing the ferris wheel--and +z perpendicular to the ferris wheel.)

    (c) Calculate the time required for the ferris wheel to make one revolution.

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    How about posting your ideas into solving this problem...?I mean,what formulas,concepts and logics u need to use to get it done...

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