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Homework help

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    The ? variable is the part of the experiment that is affected by the independant variable.


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    i think you are referring to dependent variables, they 'depend' on the independent variables for their values.
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    I have tried dependant but it does not fit. The second letter is A and the seventh letter is E.
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    how many letters total?
  6. Sep 8, 2006 #5
    there are 9 total letters.
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    :cry: PLEASE HELP!!
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    are you sure the 'a' is right, i can't think of anything else right now
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    The A comes from the question,,,, The ? variable is the part of the experiment that is being tested or the part that is changed by the person doing the experiment. Therefore I put Independant causing the A so I hope that is right.
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    Nope that is 10 letters. Is the independant answer right?
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    Math Is Hard

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    well i 'explanatory' is 11, but I'd say independent is right, but thats not working with dependent (not that explanatory would) and I can't think of a different word than dependent.

    EDIT: I had meant using explanatory instead of independent in my previous post
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    I will just put dependant the old hag prolly spelt it wrong anyway.
  15. Sep 8, 2006 #14
    ah! I see it, its 'dependent' and 'independent' both with an E, that will fix the problem.
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