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Homework Help: Homework help

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    I am not very good at this so please help me someone. im not sure if im in the right forum or not but i can almost put money on you guys know these simple questions.

    1. Which of the following statements applies to the motion of a ball rising and then falling in free fall?
    I. The ball has constant acceleration as it moves upward.
    II. The ball has constant acceleration at the top of its path.
    III. The ball has constant acceleration as it moves downward.
    a. I only
    b. III only
    c. I and III
    d. I, II, and III

    2. Objects that are falling toward Earth in free fall move
    a. Faster and faster
    b. slower and slower
    c. at a constant rate
    d. slower then faster

    3. Multiplying or dividing vectors by scalars results in
    A. Vectors
    B. Scalars
    C Vectors if multiplied or scalars if divided
    D. Scalars if multiplied or vectors if divided

    Please help if you can. Im having a hard time with this class
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    Tom Mattson

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    I'm moving this to the Homework Help forum.


    Our policy here is that we will help you with this, not do it for you. Please post your own thoughts on these questions, and we will give you a hand from there. Even if you get them all wrong, it is still better to try.
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