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Homework Help: Homework Help?

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    I have been working on this problem for a while, and I still don't understand how to set it up for the first part of this problem:

    At the instant the traffic light turns green, an automobile starts with a constant acceleration a of 2.2 m/s squared. At the same instant a truck, traveling with a constant speed of 9.5 m/s, overtakes and passes the automobile.

    (A) How far beyond the traffic signal will the automile overtake the truck?

    (B) How fast will the automobile be traveling at that instant?
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    Use this formula,
    Initial velocity for the car is u=0.
    Constanst acceleration for the truck is a=0.
    s is the position relative to the origin / traffic light.

    Part (a)
    When the automobile overtakes the truck, their positions relative to the traffic light is the same. so, we have
    [tex]s_{car}=s_{truck}[/tex]. find the t when this happens and substitute back either of the equation for s above because they will be at the same position relative to traffic light.

    Part (b)
    Use this formula,

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