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Homework Help: Homework help!

  1. Jan 4, 2005 #1
    Hello I've run into quite a few crappy diagram questions on my Homework assignment due tomorrow.

    All of the questions are from my school's (Central High Sedgewick) webpage. The teacher thought she'd be sly and hide the answers on some of these questions.

    The webpage is this...


    They are all on Unit 3 Magnetism... but different sections. This Homework assignment could really boost my overall mark and just some help would be great.


    The Magnetic Field #: 26, 32, 60, 95
    Magnetic Forces #: 24,53
    Electromagnetic Induction #:33

    I'm going to be working on them throughout the night, let me just comment that I KNOW the material and I answered every other question on the worksheet but these just have some really crappy images, that are hard for me to dipict. So ANY help would be great.
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    26 is easy...think of the analogue of the force of an electric dipole on a positive test charge. I think that is valid...
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    for 26, for the magnetic field, the compass needle will be in a parallel position to the bar magnet and the North Pole of the needle will point towards the East
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    for 32(magnetic field). This is a horse-shoe magnet. The direction of Magnetic field is from North to South. From the diagram, the arrow is pointing Eastwards. So, North is on the left and South pole is on the right.
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    for 60(magnetic field), the shape of magnetic field take the form of concentric circles surrounding the wire. So, you should draw concentric circles to show the shape.

    Using the Thumb Rule, the direction of this field is clockwise
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    for 95(magnetic field). There is an attractive force induced on the bar magnet when the switch is closed, which moves the bar magnet closer to the solenoid.
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    Hope that the above helps you out. I just had a glance at it.
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