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Homework, Homework and more homework

  1. Jul 15, 2005 #1
    Even though it's summer I still have about 10 pages of math each day and 10 pages of language arts. I also have to go swimming for a hour and play piano for 1 hr 30 min.
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    Do you still have some time with your friends anyway?
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    Choose, as Napoleon said: "Space can be recovered, time cannot"

    I don't like this verb at all: "I have to"

    You want, you don't have to, who on earth can force you to be superman???

    And, find time to study English: "a hour" (I'm joking)
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    I still have time with my friends on weekends.
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    That's not a lot. Are at least some of your friends you hang out with girls?

    Don't neglect the real values of life. We men are on earth to procreate. That is our one principal focus; the drive that subtend our every movements. If at 30 you find yourself unable to attract women because of a lack of the basics social skills you're supposed to be learning at your age, you'll end up being frustrated and unhappy. And being about to play Mozart's 5th with a blindfold ain't gonna change nothing about that. :wink:

    Maybe that doesn't apply to you at all though, I don't know. :smile: But I felt like writting this anyway.
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