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Homework problem

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    A proton has an initial velocity of 9.4x10^6 m/s in the horizontal direction. It enters a uniform electric field of 28800 N/C directed vertically. What is the vertical displacement of the proton after the electric field acts on it for 7.1202 ns, the time it takes the proton to travel 0.067 m horizontally?
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    You should post this under "homework" and let us know what work you've done and where you're stuck.
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    I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. It's the FIRST thing people see on the list of forums (two sub-forums clearly with the word "HOMEWORK" on them). Yet, they still miss that and go for the Physics section?

    What gives?

    [ZapperZ can feel this thread floating to where it belongs...]

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