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Homework Help: Homework question due tomorrow

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    my question is:why are alternative sources of energy such as wind power needed for future energy productions???o:)
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    Honey, this isn't the kind of question we can deal with. The policies of the board prohibit us simply giving out answers - a wise policy, I think - but there's very little way we can "hint" you in the right direction. Besides which, there really isn't a right answer to this question. It's all about what you think is true. Heck, if I were given this question and I were feeling contrary, I'd be tempted to argue with the assumption that alternative sources will be needed at all.

    Think about it a bit. Look into what constitutes "alternate sources of energy". Play with it - have fun with it, then write down whatever you think is important. The point of the question is to get you to think, not to get you to come up with "THE answer".
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