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Homework subforums

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    This is just a pretty unimportant, little suggestion. Currently the math homework forum boards are organized in the way of "before calculus" and "calculus and beyond" and its sort of similar in physics.

    Since there are a very large number of math topics that you could say are "beyond calculus," that homework board is filled with a plethora of different topics. Its not bad by any means, but I can't help but compare it to the general math discussion boards, which are really organized.

    So, what I am suggesting is an idea among the lines of having a "Homework" sub-forum within each of these categories. For example, in the Topology & Analysis forum, there would be a sub-forum for textbook-style questions of that nature, and so on.

    Obviously, the current threads in the homework sections would be archived since there is a vast amount of helpful information in them, and it would seem an impossibly daunting task to actually move the threads to the relevant "sub forum" if they were created.

    I just had the idea, and decided to throw it out there.
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    1MileCrash, thanks for the suggestion. I think we'd prefer go the route of custom prefixes instead of deeper forums which can get confusing and tiresome to navigate.
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