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Homework threads

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    Does anyone else think it would be useful to know when homework has to be submitted on homework threads?

    It's well known that you learn more if aren't just given the answer but are led down a path that allows you to discover the answer yourself. However the latter can take many steps and if the OP is in a different time zone to you it might take several days of exchanges if you have to go one step at a time. I'm not suggesting we just give answers but sometimes I find myself trying to decide if I should give a big hint or one that's much more subtle and might take much longer to work through. Knowing how long the OP has to complete the problem might help with that decision.

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    I didn't realize that this is an issue. This is because we often see members posting for a desperate help.

    "My homework is due tomorrow!" or "This is due in 3 days!!"

    So I don't think that they are shy in communicating that something is due soon. It doesn't mean that they'll get it that quickly, but I don't see the lack of info on such thing. On others, I would think that a member would have enough sensibility to inform the forum on his/her own that he/she needs to know something by such-and-such. Otherwise, and to be blunt, it isn't our problem.

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