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Honda's The Cog

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    The 2nd wheel on the ramp accelerates after hitting the third. Looks like trick photography to me.
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    the wheels are weighted so that given a small nudge they roll up the ramp in order to lower their centre of mass. Trick physics, not trick photography...

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    Yeah, it's all legit. Pretty damn awesome -- I wonder how many tries it took them to get it? :)
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    I believe there were 605 failed runs before they got it.

    Kind'a throws a different light on the It works theme!
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    606 apparently - like integral said, that is one fact that throws the whole point of the campaign out the window. But i won't hold it against them.
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    Yeah. I have a DVD "making of" movie. It's very cool how the whole thing was done in one long shoot.

    I wonder if anyone is going to petition for a longer version as a full short film? :smile:
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    Engineers were probably in charge if it took them 606 tries. ;)
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    worse - filmmakers... probably with arts degrees ;)

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