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Honeysuckle Creek 35th Apollo Anniversary

  1. Jun 29, 2004 #1
    Honeysuckle Creek 35th Apollo Anniversary

    Question: Who received the first images of Men walking on the Moon?
    Answer: Honeysuckle Creek did.

    Question: Who received the first images from the Viking Probes/Landers on Mars?
    Answer: Honeysuckle Creek/Tidbinbilla did.

    Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station;

    Staff Involved;

    35th Reunion of Honeysuckle Creek personnel involved with the Apollo Landings;
    List of current attendees (as at 29 June 2004);

    Anybody interested in attending should get in touch with;
    John Saxon jsaxon@pcug.org.au , Australia: Ph 61611524

    And yes!
    I'll be there...can't wait to see yas!
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