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Hong Kong or south China jobs?

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    I'm a nuclear physicist. 25 years experience in the Canadian nuclear power industry.

    I met somebody who lives in Shenzhen, China. For those not geographically oriented, that is the city immediately to the north of Hong Kong. Problem is, I live in Canada. And I do not speak any sort of Chinese, never mind read/write it. And, while she does speak English, she does not want to leave SZ because she would lose the pension she has spent more than 20 years earning.

    Are there any jobs for me in HK or SZ? How does one find them? Can a Canuck make this move?
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    You might be able to get something teaching English that could lead to something else. I think it's hard to get a good job in China unless you have something to offer tech wise. There may be international companies that have placements in China that you could apply for but not speaking Chinese is an impediment there.
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    English is one of the official languages of Hong Kong which is literally right next to Shenzhen, you can maybe find a job in Hong Kong where quality of life is pretty good. I'm sure you're science expertise will be valued there as well,
    -american born Chinese
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