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Hong Shui

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    I made it my self and found it satisfyingly not easy. It's a flash game actualy and may require plug in.
    Try it^^. :rofl: :smile: :mad: :approve: :bugeye: :confused: :biggrin: :uhh: :cry: :grumpy: :rolleyes: :redface: :!!) :wink: :cool: o:) :frown: :yuck: :eek: :devil: :blushing: :zzz: :shy: :tongue:
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    Wheee, solved it. They al have the same relation to each other, so it wasn't too difficult.

    Is that your seriously your phone number that is shown?
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    yea hahaha. i think tat not really difficult yet my teachers (i'm a student) can not solve those. i'll try 2 make nice one.
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