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Honor Societies - Worth It?

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    I recently got invited to join Upsilon Phi Epsilon (UPE) at my university; however, my knowledge of honor societies is limited. UPE is specific to computer science and computer-related majors and sponsored by ACM and IEEE-CS. Bottom line, is it worth it to join an honor society if invited? How about UPE specifically?

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Depends on the honor society. Generally, it can't hurt to have it on your resume when you're looking for a job after graduation.
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    You don't have to join a society, though. If you are a member of an honors program at your university, that will help.

    I don't know how this might have evolved over the last 40+ years, but back then students with proven academic performance were offered access to some advanced courses and were assigned a mentor. It was pretty nice.
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    It would seem worthwhile, but check it out to see if it suits one. http://upe.acm.org/

    The affiliation with ACM is a positive. One could also be a member of IEEE.

    Honor and technical societies are good for networking, particularly in one's professional field.
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