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Honor Society

  1. Jul 7, 2013 #1
    Anyone every hear of HonorSociety.org? I recently got an email saying I was accepted into the society via a nomination & my academic record. It's asking for info & I'd like to know it's legitimate before I fill it out.

    Here's a link to their site: www.honorsociety.org
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    I've never heard of it. I can't find anything on the web site about the history of the organization or who runs it: officers, advisory board, or whatever.
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    This is a pay site so consider the invitation an advertisement. This is a lot like the whoswho of high school students where you pay to get listed in a book. I think they are preying on students wanting to be a part of the Natl Honor Society by using a similar name.

    There is a organization called the National Honor Society that inducts academically gifted students based on an application and on teacher recommendations. When I was a HS student it didn't require you to fill out an application, you found out at a Natl Honor Society meeting at your school where students were called out of the audience and your parents were watching from the wings just out of view.

    At that time, teachers would secretly nominate you. Benefits included self signout at studyhalls where you were on your honor to signout where you were going. I used to signout as 'out' and went either to the library or the music department to hang out until one studyhall teacher grounded me once for my lack of accuracy.

    The website for the Natl Honor Society is: http://www.nhs.us/

    and its About page tells you its long history.
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    I got the same email. I haven't responded yet. jedishrfu, it's not really clear if you're saying this is a good idea or not.
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    I don't know if I trust the validity of this organization.

    I got an email about it, and the university immediately emailed saying they had no affiliation with it.
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    Sounds like I should probably just ignore it. Thanks guys.
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    To be clear its not a good idea. The site is trying to make money by flattering you and by tricking you into thinking its like the real Natl Honor Society.
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    Valid/legitimate institutions do not solicit membership. Ignore the email as spam.
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    It's definitely spam. They hit my HS graduating class hard.

    Stupid, isn't it?
  11. Jul 8, 2013 #10
    Yeah, I was just double-checking. Thanks Astronuc.

    Indeed. I was proud/flattered before I realized it was a hoax. Oh well.
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    I think it's an honor to be a member here on PF, Von Neumann. :approve:
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    At work we'd get these ""Who's Who" invitations all of the time. Same thing, bogus.

    Just because it wasn't real doesn't mean that you're not tops Von Neuman.
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    Meh. In my day we used to be scammed by Nigerian princes.
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    I always appreciate how nice everyone is on PF. :smile:
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    *raspy hyper-ventilation*

    It's very good. Good thing to live by.
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    Someone I know who got left back one grade due to his grades received this same offer, lol...
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    I wasn't aware you knew about that.

  20. Jul 9, 2013 #19
    Eh. I'm not too worried about it.
  21. Jul 9, 2013 #20
    Thanks for rubbing it in, Phizkid.
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