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Honors Calculus?

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    In general, how much different is an Honors section from a standard section? I have the option of registering for Calc II Honors next semester; however, I've never taken an Honors level class before so I'm a little hesitant.
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    ApostS, it all depends on the professor. I took honors calc 3, but he taught the same material for calc III regular but an hour a week a group of us would meet and discuss problems he wanted to discuss.

    It was the easiest honors and the only honors i've taken. I took it because I thought it might look good but really, if you only take 1 honors course it doesn't matter.

    But if your taking it for the material because you find calculus too easy, not because it might look good on a resume, then i suggest you do take it.

    Also if you in honors already your required to take Honor classes.
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    Apparently, this class only has a total of 5 seats, whereas the standard Calc II has ~30.
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    A class for 5 people? I'm skeptical of why that's so low. As for the differences, maybe you should talk to your current calc prof. or the one who's teaching the honors section.
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    If the school is small it maybe that big, i know when i was at penn state dubois, the number of engineering majors were so low, that i was the only person in EE210, and i was with one other student in CSE 271/275 i see your from PSU too, w00t.
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    Since it is only 5 people, you are sure to have an interesting class (Reed has a couple classes with only 2 people and the professor, and they are very interesting (I got to sit in on one before)).

    And besides a little more rigor in calculus is not going to hurt you much.

    I would jump on it, but if you are still not sure, find out what book you use and see if you can read the first chapter without wanting to scream.
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    these questions can only be answered by your prof. one mans honors cousre is another mans mickey mouse cousre or anothers back busting analsis intro.
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    Mickey Mouse course? Sounds like fun. I hope there're enough seats for Zz.
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    Thanks for all the input. I'm going to talk to someone in the Math Dept. about it and see what they think.
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