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Hooke's law

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    I have had to do an investigation on hookes law as part of my primary school teaching course. i am by far not the best at understanding physics. Can someone please explain to me what effect the width of a piece of elastic has on its elasticity and why?

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    In an extent, the coeficient is propotional to the cross-sectional area of the object (a rubber band or ..)
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    Shooting Star

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    The elastic co-efficients of a material depend only on the material itself.

    If a certain force is required to stretch a wire by a certain fraction of its original length, then double the force will be required to stretch a wire of double the cross-section by ths same fraction. This means that, other things being the same, the force required to stretch a wire is proportional to the cross-section. This is valid for small deformations, where Hooke's law is valid.

    When a wire stretches, its cross-section reduces, but the volume need not be constant.

    If you could ask a more specific question, perhaps you can get a definite answer.
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