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Hooking people and conveying complex ideas

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    I am trying to get a very complex technical idea across to people who are not really techies. The problem is to capture their attention and then get the idea across painlessly! Currently, they arrive on my website and leave 10 seconds later ...

    So, they are NOT a captive audience

    I assume that being amusing, featuring a pretty girl etc would help but I am curious to see which is likely to be best

    1. A very simple written explanation, maybe with the occasional drawing
    2. An illustrated cartoon
    3. An animated cartoon video to go on youtube
    4. A real video to go on youtube

    Or something else? The problem would be akin to explaining Special relativity. I don't need them to become experts but at least stay until the end and have a general idea of what this is about.

    In the first instance, let's assume they are all fluent English speakers and fairly young(ish)

    Anybody got any experience of solving this kind of problem?
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    Yeah, shock them: present an interesting, high-quality graphics no one has ever seen before but is easy to understand and interact with.
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